What to bring?

To see the elements that the organisation provides, click here. Below is detalied the material that each pilgrim needs to bring:


  • Comfortable and resistant footwear (do not wear new shoes).
  • Optional: moisturizer, vaseline…


  • Sleeping bag
  • Mat
  • Tent (in coordination with the members of the chapter). Preferably a quick-mounting  tent (without pegs), in case we camp on concrete. 


This backpack will be used for walking. It should carry:

  • Food for the day.
  • Energy food: cereal bars, chocolate, nuts, candy, etc.).
  • Raincoat.
  • Coat (it could be cold in the morning).
  • Outdoor dinnerware set (deep plate, cutlery, cup).
  • Water bottle.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Hat and sun protection.
  • Medication for headache, muscle aches, etc. (painkillers, plasters, bandages).
  • Pilgrim’s book (provided by NSC).
  • Personal documentation.
  • Rosary.


To be carried by the Organization from one camp to another. It should carry: 

  • Food that will not be consumed during the day.
  • Lightweight shoes for the camp.
  • Spare clothes (no excesses).
  • Personal hygiene items and light towel. It is recommended to bring wet wipes.
  • Flashlight.


It is essential to mark belongings with name and colored ribbon of the chapter.
Do not tie items to the large backpack, but prepare it in a compact way to avoid misplacements.

Try to use your cell phone as little as possible. There will be no plugs in the camps to recharge them.