There are many tasks for which you can volunteer and offer your support to the Pilgrimage. Here you can see some of them.


- Set up and dismantling of camps.
- Instalation of the tent for liturgical services.
- Cooking service.


Steering, being especially attentive to road crossings, stopping and restarting traffic.


- Transfer of backpacks from one camp to another.
- Transportation of pilgrims during the march.


- Physicians.
- Nurses.
- Technicians.


- Acolytes
- Choir

Requisitos para ser voluntario:

  • Tener más de 18 años.
  • Cumplir todas las normas e indicaciones de la Organización.
  • Voluntad de ayudar.
  • No tener impedimentos físicos ni psicológicos para la labor a la que se presenta voluntario.

ATENCIÓN: debido a un fallo informático, los formularios de voluntariado rellenados en los últimos días no han sido correctamente registrados. Rogamos vuelva a rellenarlo si es su caso.



In what field could you help?

Do you have previous volunteering experience in this type of events?



Can you bring your own vehicle?

With how many places available?

Do you want to add some specifications?

The interested party knows and ACCEPTS the Privacy Policy of the Association Our Lady of Christendom – Spain.

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