During the pilgrimage, the aim is to maintain a climate of order that facilitates prayer and meditation and also allows the harmonious development of the activities on the schedule.

The way to participate at the pilgrimage is in groups named ‘chapters’. These represents natural communities: a region, a family, etc. that march together at the feet of Our Mother.


In order to participate in the pilgrimage it is necessary to be registered in a chapter. If you want to register in a chapter you already know, you have to contact the Chapter Chief (through the e-mail that you will find in the chapter information), that will collect your data and will serve you the necessary information. This does not exempt the requirement to complete the registration form once the term is open, selecting the corresponding chapter.

To those who are interested in attending but do not know any chapter, we encourage them first of all to invite friends, family, acquaintances and people from their parish who may be interested, so that a new chapter can be formed or at least they can attend accompanied in an existing but unknown chapter (to know how to form a chapter, click here). Secondly, if they cannot find anyone to attend with, they can contact us via the email and we will help them find the most appropriate chapter.


Children, accompanied by responsible adults, may also participate. They will make a route adapted to their abilities. The recommended age for the children’s route is between 6 and 12 years old. Children between 12 and 15 years old will be able to walk the adult or children route, accompanied by at least one adult family member. The information in this regard will be updated here.

If a family wants to go with younger children, they can participate in the liturgical celebrations and activities for children, as well as be in the camp with the rest of the pilgrims if they wish, but they must travel in their own vehicle from one point to another.