How to create a chapter

To form a Chapter it is necessary:

  1. To be a group of 7 people (at least).
  2. Appoint a “Chapter Chief” who will be the active link between the chapter and the NSC-E Organization.
  3. Choose a patron saint or Marian invocation that identifies your chapter.
  4. Write to to receive instructions from the NSC-E Organization.


Previously and during the Pilgrimage to Covadonga, the NSC-E Organization will contact the pilgrims through the Chapter Chiefs.

The Chapter Chief must be a responsible and organized person, since the organization, functioning and spirituality of the Chapter depend on him.

His tasks are:

  • Maintain a fluid dialogue with the NSC-E Organization, who will guide him to organize his chapter and transmit all the necessary information.
  • Take care that those who are part of his chapter register in time.
  • See to it that the chapter has the number of tents needed for the camping nights and to inform the pilgrims what are the necessary items to bring (See the section What to bring).
  • Make the chapter comply with the schedule established by NSC-E: time to wake up, have breakfast, start walking, participate in scheduled liturgical activities (Masses, prayers, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, etc.). Liturgical activities are mandatory.
  • Ensure the order of the camps: cleaning, dismantling of tents and placing backpacks in the vans. The Chapter Head is responsible for the order of his chapter’s camping area.